Incedo access control ecosystem wins two major security awards in India

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ASSA ABLOY has been recognised with two major awards in India – the 2023 Business World (BW) Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards. The prizes were awarded for the Incedo access control system, which won Electronic Security Solution of the Year at the Business World Awards, while the Aperio KS100 Wireless Server Cabinet Lock, part of a growing Incedo device ecosystem, received the Excellence Award for Tech-savvy Security Project.

The purpose of the Business World awards is to highlight “exceptional achievements in the field of security”, and an expert jury panel evaluated each of 150 nominated products and solutions against criteria which include innovation, tangible impact and contribution to “ensuring safety and security in an increasingly complex and interconnected world”. The performance of almost 50 candidate solutions was then scrutinized in a live Q&A.

“The recognition truly reflects the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of our team,” highlights Vishal Maheshwari, Director & Head of Digital Access Solutions and Electro-mechanical MEIIA at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

He added, “This acknowledgment will inspire our partners and customers, showing the effectiveness of our products and solutions. We are committed to continuous innovation, enhancing security, and ensuring our Digital Access Solutions will always be one step ahead.”

The 2023 BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards were presented in September at a ceremony in New Delhi*.

Incedo access control: Pioneering integrated, flexible management

When organizations choose Incedo to manage access, they can secure almost any opening with autonomous electronic locks, or in real time with a vast range of online wired or wireless devices, including in the cloud.

Security managers issue building users with credentials of their choice. Building users gain access via smartcards, mobile keys stored on their smartphone or energy-harvesting smart keys.

The entire ecosystem is modular, designed for simple adoption, flexible management and easy scalability at any time and in any direction, ASSA ABLOY said.

An Incedo digital access control system can include both wired and wireless locks, all natively integrated and covering almost any application: for a handful of doors or hundreds; from perimeter fences to medicine cupboards; and for a small start-up or a staff of thousands across multiple locations.

Aperio® KS100: Innovation in server cabinet security

Critical business assets demand multi-layered security. This principle applies equally to virtual and physical assets: Data may be mission-critical to a business, just like people and premises. A lack of investment in the physical security of servers undermines the cyber-security of data assets — and vice versa**.

According to Security magazine, “access control mechanisms should be implemented and secured in order to monitor individual physical access to sensitive areas.” Managed within an integrated Incedo access control system, the Aperio KS100 Wireless Server Cabinet Lock provides such comprehensive, wireless control and monitoring for racks and cabinets. It helps to manage digital risk by minimizing unauthorized access to servers.

An Aperio KS100 can be deployed either on-site or remotely in a co-located data centre — and integrated with an access control system such as our Incedo management solution. On-demand audit trail capabilities tell security managers exactly who accessed a server, and when.

“It’s easy to manage the Aperio KS100 alongside a range of wireless and wired digital locks, all from one Incedo interface,” says Tim Timmins, Business Development Manager EAC EMEIA at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

“It can protect against outsider intrusion and so-called ‘insider threats’, as well as accidental breaches and damage to server hardware. It builds an invaluable extra layer of data security suited to both local and remote server locations.”

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