| What is threat awareness technology and what can it do for schools?

Everytown For Gun Safety’s report for the last school year showed 193 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, more than doubling the previous years, with an average of 49 incidents every year since 2013. In addition to implementing background checks on gun purchasers, raising the age limit to purchase weapons and passing legislation like extreme risk and firearm storage laws, there needs to be additional support on school grounds to increase the safety and security of schools and the students and faculty that go there everyday. utilies Artificial Intelligence for their Threat Awareness technology. They can use existing security cameras to identify and alert authorised personnel of any visible or hidden weapons like guns or knives nearly instantaneously and with extremely high accuracy. Their technology is already integrated in over 3,500 locations which include private sector businesses, organisations and schools, and because they are implemented at a commercial level, Iterate is able to keep their Threat Awareness solutions for schools extremely affordable.

While’s Threat Awareness technology is already being used in schools, a lot of people and school boards are not aware that this technology exists, or that it is affordable and ready to be installed in schools today.

“’s Threat Awareness technology adds unwavering eyes in the skies on school grounds. This additional layer of security can alert authorized personnel of any potential weapons on campuses and can add several potentially life-saving minutes to get a school locked down in the event of an active shooter, and can be used by authorities to accurately locate exactly where a shooter currently may be on school grounds, allowing for the police to apprehend the shooter as quickly as possible swiftly,” explains co-founder of Brian Sathianathan.”Parents and school boards need to know that this option exists and can be installed today as schools across the country gear up for another school year.”, founded in 2013 by Brian Sathianathan and Jon Nordmark, wants to help protect students and is making their technology affordable to any school that wants it. Would you be interested in learning more about this technology or speaking with a member of Iterate’s team? I would be happy to coordinate an interview with you.


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