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Teledyne FLIR designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. We bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement & diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.

Teledyne FLIR offers a diverse portfolio that serves a number of applications in government & defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Our products help  protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate consumer-facing technologies. Teledyne FLIR strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase energy and time efficiency, and contribute to healthy and intelligent communities.

Intrusions, security breaches, viral outbreaks, and environmental hazards on top of potential false alarms and low-quality video are all challenges security personnel face. Customers can address these issues head-on with Teledyne FLIR security technologies that empower you with the ability to detect, verify, respond, and report threats—leading to greater crime prevention and safer workplaces.

Read more to see how Teledyne FLIR can assist with 24/7 intrusion detection, elevated skin temperature screening, live monitoring, streamlined management, and more.

As the global leader in thermal technology, Teledyne FLIR provides the highest quality thermal security cameras in the marketplace. Today, FLIR thermal cameras are the industry standard for 24/7 perimeter monitoring. In addition to thermal, Teledyne FLIR is known for its first-class radarsvisible cameraselevated skin temperature screening solutionsvideo management systems, and command and control software for security applications.

Featured Products

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Ranger R8SS-3D

The man-portable Ranger® R8SS-3D has the vertical coverage, low minimum detection velocity and algorithms to detect and track up to 500 drone targets simultaneously


The Ranger HDC MR sets a new standard for surveillance with its ability to detect illegal activities even in degraded weather conditions

Quasar Premium Mini-Dome

The FLIR Quasar premium mini-dome camera was designed to provide situational awareness in the most demanding environments

FLIR Quasar 4 x 2 Panoramic

The FLIR Quasar™ Quad Sensor Camera is designed to address any application that requires full coverage of a wide area surveillance

FLIR Latitude 9.2

A part of the FLIR United VMS 9.2 family, Latitude is the preferred enterprise-level IP surveillance system providing forensic-quality imaging and user-friendly operations.

FLIR – FH Series ID

The FLIR FH-Series ID are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging

FLIR FC- Series ID

The Elara FC-Series ID is a premium FLIR thermal security camera for perimeter protection.

FLIR Elara FB Series

The FLIR Elara™ FB-Series ID thermal security camera uses onboard analytics to classify human or vehicular intrusions

FLIR Elara R-190

The FLIR Elara R-190 is a compact ground radar used to detect and provide early warning of intruders as part of a larger video surveillance system.

FLIR Elara DX- Series

The FLIR Elara™ DX-Series multispectral pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) security camera provides full situational awareness in the most punishing environments.

Latest News

Teledyne Flir

Teledyne FLIR Airborne Imaging Systems bring new perspective to storytelling in the Paramount+ summer hit series, Chopper Cops


Teledyne FLIR Defense upgrades surveillance service centre capability in Turkey

Teledyne Flir

Teledyne FLIR expands its AI-Enabled Neutrino Ground ISR Series


FLIR introduces next generation X-Series Infrared Cameras


Thermal by FLIR powers new ruggedised mobile phone and assisted reality wearable solution


Teledyne FLIR introduces Neutrino LC OGI camera module for optical-gas-imaging camera developers


Teledyne FLIR Defense unveils advanced thermal weapon sight


Teledyne FLIR debuts enhanced K-Series thermal imaging cameras 


Teledyne FLIR to showcase at Intersec 2024 


EOC innovates early fire detection systems through Strategic Thermal by FLIR


Valeo and Teledyne FLIR announce agreement and first contract for thermal imaging for automotive safety systems


Video security company EOC bolsters detection systems with FLIR collaboration


Teledyne FLIR Defense showcases advanced maritime surveillance technology at Indo Pacific 2023


FLIR innovate thermal camera drone payload with Skydio


Teledyne FLIR expands Lepton Thermal Camera Series with an ultrawide 160-degree field of view


Improving ADAS and AV Safety with Teledyne FLIR Thermal Imaging Integration and Ansys AVxcelerate Suite


Teledyne FLIR Defense unveils new Black Hornet 4 Personal Reconnaissance System at AUSA Conference

prism ISP

New Prism ISP software from Teledyne FLIR delivers advanced Signal Processing and Expands AI at the Edge


Teledyne FLIR introduces new portable chemical detector


Teledyne FLIR expands Turnkey Neutrino Ground ISR series for integrators

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