Morse Watchmans showcases Key Management Solutions for higher education at ACUHO-I and IACLEA Events

Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans is set to showcase its advanced solutions tailored for higher education institutions at two significant industry events this June.

The company will exhibit at the ACUHO-I Conference and Expo from June 22-25 at the Baird Center in Milwaukee, and at the IACLEA Annual Conference from June 27-30 in New Orleans.

“Ensuring the security of college and university campuses is more critical than ever,” said Tim Purpura, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Our comprehensive key management systems provide higher education facilities and law enforcement with robust, scalable solutions to manage and safeguard their keys and assets effectively.

“By integrating our systems into campus operations, universities can enhance their security protocols, ensuring a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff.”

Morse Watchmans’ key control systems are designed to securely store keys in electronic cabinets, releasing them only to authorised users based on pre-determined criteria.

These systems are crucial in managing campus security, providing a high level of integration and control across the broad range of university departments.

From campus security and police to facilities management, and across campus housing, transportation, and the student union, these solutions provide dynamic key security for complex applications.

Facility management teams often face challenges with managing hundreds to thousands of physical keys across campus. Morse Watchmans’ key control systems allow for easy access to specific keys, limiting master key use to authorised individuals.

The Morse Watchmans team will highlight three core solutions at these events:

The Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit ensures that first responders can quickly access facility keys during a lockdown. Central to the kit is the KeyWatcher Touch System, which securely stores keys and allows authorised emergency personnel to retrieve them swiftly using a PIN code or credential. The kit includes colour-coded SmartKeys and KeyRings, both designed for easy identification and enhanced security.

The KeyBank® Touch system offers a secure and convenient way to manage keys with a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen interface. The system features KeyAnywhere, allowing keys to be returned to any key storage system within the enterprise, and KeyFind, which helps locate specific keys or identify who has them. With the patented SmartKey system, modular design, and full scalability, the KeyBank Touch can manage up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site, all within a common database.

The KeyWatcher Fleet system is an advanced key control solution tailored for managing higher education fleets. It offers comprehensive control over vehicle distribution, utilisation, and fleet right-sizing with an intuitive dashboard displaying vehicle use, bookings, status, and detailed charts.

The system allows for the creation of automated vehicle allocation policies and ensures secure key access through unique pin codes or optional card and fingerprint readers. Built on the reliable KeyWatcher Touch hardware, it supports thousands of keys and users, network integration, and API support, making it ideal for efficient fleet management on university campuses.

Join Morse Watchmans at ACUHO-I (booth 209) and IACLEA (booth 406) to explore how their key management solutions can transform campus security.

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