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Quanergy LiDAR solutions provide actionable insights to organizations across major industries and enable partners and their end-users to deploy innovative solutions to drive their business growth and ultimately, improve the quality of life for people around the world.

How LiDAR 3D Object Detection Works with Nx

Quanergy’s LiDAR 3D Object Detection is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the Nx Server API. Once an event is detected by LiDAR sensors, the event is 3D projected in the LiDAR interface and an API call is sent to the Nx system, triggering a Generic Event. Users can designate certain Actions to be triggered in response to detected events in the Nx desktop client. 

Quanergy LiDAR 3D Object Detection Capabilities

Quanergy’s LiDAR platform and sensors analyze spaces in 3D with cm-level accuracy to provide volumetric sensing and insights including object location, direction, speed, and the type of objects detected.

Quanergy’s smart LiDAR solutions were designed to transform business operations with real-time, advanced 3D insights for a variety of industries including physical security, smart cities, smart spaces, industrial automation, and much more. Some applications include PIDS, RTLS, Counting and Flow Management.

Quanergy 3D LiDAR sensors, coupled with QORTEX DTC (Detect, Track, Classify), enables reliable and real-time tracking of: people and vehicles for security, smart space and smart city applications.


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