Plymouth Rock Technologies’ screening systems enter TSA evaluation

The SS1 shoe scanning technology and the CODA-1 ‘stand-off’ screening apparatus from Plymouth Rock Technologies have both been accepted into the US Transport Security Administration (TSA), Innovation Task Force (ITF) evaluation process. The ITF works by integrating key stakeholders to identify and demonstrate emerging solutions that increase security effectiveness and efficiency, improve passenger experience, and to deliver solutions that secure the freedom of movement throughout the American transportation system.

“The Innovation Task Force is collaborating with industry, airlines, airports and equipment manufacturers to find and deploy the very best technology for increasing security and improving the passenger experience,” explained TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

“We are both proud and honoured to enter this programme,” stated Carl Cagliarini, Co- Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Plymouth Rock Technologies. “Securing the global air transportation system is a complex task. Agencies such as the DHS and TSA are reliant upon external scientific innovation to improve and accelerate the screening process. The TSA Innovation task force is unique in its approach to understanding and incorporating not just an overall product on its merits, but also extracting the partial benefits of technologies to deliver up new collaborative efforts between vendors that make transportation access safer and faster.”

The PRT Shoe Scanner (SS1) is a floor-mounted 3D imaging system that uses millimetre-wave imaging techniques to inspect footwear to determine if it has been altered or is being used to transport concealed items, such as weaponry, substances, compounds or electronic items. The SS1 will be used at security and identification checkpoints to eliminate the need for footwear removal.

CODA-1 is a stand-off weapon detection system, specifically configured to identify bombs, weapons and threat items that are concealed upon the person. Using low power radar and artificial intelligence algorithms, the CODA-1 is able to detect concealed weapons such as suicide bombs, assault weaponry and large bladed weapons. 

“Our team has been focused on aligning our combined technology breakthroughs with ‘real world needs’ in the security industry,” stated Dana Wheeler, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plymouth Rock Technologies. “Our technologies carry patents and detection methods that are as unique as they are effective. More importantly, our collaboration with some of the major vendors in the security screening industry, will ensure interconnected technologies will enable an agile security model. This will ultimately deliver not only a more streamlined and effective operation but will reduce line times for those who travel.”


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