Pyronix launches its online Support Hub

Pyronix has officially announced the launch of its Support Hub, designed to provide the most convenient way of accessing the information, while removing unnecessary waste from products.

All Pyronix product installation and programming manuals will now be accessed via this brand-new online platform and will continue to include the ‘User Guide’ along with a QR code on the outside of the product box that takes users directly to the product manuals, when scanned with a smartphone.

According to the company, the hub will provide greater flexibility in how users choose to access manuals, so that whatever the situation, whether planning a project in-office, or on-site installing a system, the information is just a click away. The manuals can be accessed via, as well as the QR code on the product box, with access via PyronixCloud in the future – users simply need a installer account.

This major development also supports the company’s environmental initiative to reduce our overall carbon footprint. By making this change Pyronix, estimates it is saving the equivalent of 150 fully grown trees from being cut down for paper production per year*. An average tree can absorb around 22kg of CO2 per year when fully grown, which equates to an annual reduction of 3.3 tonnes of CO2 delivered by this initiative.

“Working with you, it became clear that receiving product manuals each time you’d fit one of our products becomes redundant pretty quickly, particularly as you familiarise yourselves with our products; eventually generating unnecessary waste and inconvenience with every print,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director said.

He continued: “As part of our commitment to customer care and the businesses long-term strategy to reduce our carbon footprint, we looked for alternatives and we’re delighted to launch our Support Hub, which offers a much easier, convenient and greener 24/7 access to product manuals and wider support.

“This is another example of our waste reducing green initiatives, which aim to reduce our impact on the environment and the planet – we’re taking this responsibility very seriously and you can expect to see more details of future initiatives, alongside our green roadmap in coming months.”

Additionally, the platform also provides multiple access channels for technical support, certifications, FAQs, searchable content, 3D product viewing on mobile or desktop.

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