Thales supports Belgian and Netherlands Navies with radar

The Navies of Belgium and the Netherlands are equipping 12 next generation Mine Counter Measures Vessels with Thales’ NS50 radars for air and surface surveillance with fire control capabilities.

Thales describes its NS50 as “the world’s most compact, affordable 4D multi-function naval radar in the market”. It offers air and surface detection, tracking and classification performances providing 4D target information required for rapid acquisition by short-range “fire and forget” Surface-to-Air-Missile Systems as well as fire control of ship-borne artillery against surface targets. It can reportedly defend against Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), low slow flying object, surface targets and in combination with small to medium calibre gun system.

“Navies are facing more complex, smaller, agile and faster moving simultaneous threats,” said Serge Adrian, Senior Vice-President Surface Radar activities, Thales. “The compact NS50 is a game changer – it brings the benefit of multi-mission air and surface surveillance, as well as fire control to combat boats, MCM vessels, OPA’s and various other platforms. We are proud to work with Naval Group and Kership and supply an innovative radar to the Belgium and Netherland Navies for operational advantage”.



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