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Digifort is a leading provider of intelligent video monitoring software, which utilises the highest levels of available technology, and promises the best performance to suit any requirement. It is sold in more than 130 countries, translated into 19 languages and has direct integration with over 400 brand partners. The company will be present at this year’s The Security Event (TSE) at Birmingham NEC at the end of April and in this exclusive Q&A, we speak to Digifort UK Managing Director, Nick Bowden about what attendees can expect to see from the brand at the show, including the announcement of a new VMS license structure.

What can visitors expect from you at the show? Why should they visit your stand?

NB: “Digifort is unique in having a one-time-buy license structure, with no annual maintenance fees. Despite the VMS software being regularly updated, enhanced and maintained, there are no additional costs for this throughout the lifetime of the CCTV system. The VMS servers running the VMS software also have the option for a seven-year warranty, after which, the software can be transferred to new servers for the next seven years, and beyond.

“The Digifort open-platform VMS is proven, unified, trusted, and secure. It is used in many applications across the UK, including power stations, ports, smart motorways, industrial sites, public space, universities, multi-site retail and shopping malls. Digifort operates a one-time-buy, camera licensing model with no annual maintenance fees and with free software upgrades for users.

“The Digifort VMS is future-proof, with simple expansion options available for cameras, devices and systems. Modular options for next-generation neural analytics, edge analytics, LPR, Facial Recognition and Point-of-Sale can be added at any time, to enhance site operation. Digifort is SDK integrated with over 400 camera manufacturer brands and over 10,000 cameras. It supports server failover in mirrored, ratio and parallel recording, along with cloud streaming and backup. Digifort also allows control of NVRs and DVRs, coordinating a mixed estate of brands into one common platform for live viewing and playback.

“Digifort’s graphic user interface (GUI) runs on Windows-based Operating Systems, such as Server 2019 and Windows 10 with familiar display screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals.”

Can we expect any announcements from you at the show?

NB: “We will be announcing a VMS license structure that is paid by a monthly fee. This moves the VMS from a Capital Expenditure budget into an Operational Expenditure budget.

“The license will allow the control and management of multiple NVRs into a centralised control room or multiple control rooms design.

“Digifort has integrated with many different NVR and DVR-based CCTV systems to allow central control of multiple systems, using its VMS platform. The NVRs and DVRs continue to record locally; can be located at many different sites; and can be from a wide range of different brand manufacturers. The DVR technologies covered include TVI, SDI, AHD and Composite video.

“The prime benefits of this functionality are that the Digifort VMS can:

“Coordinate and centralise an existing and varied estate of NVRs and DVRs into a single, hugely capable, VMS platform.

“Allow an upgrade path for TVI, SDI, AHD and Composite video-based systems into one, large, future-proof IP platform, with countless integration and expansion possibilities.

“Enable Digifort’s extensive functionality to be applied to sites currently using far more limited NVRs and DVRs. For example, Digifort’s Surveillance Client can be used for site management; video walls can be implemented; an unlimited hierarchy of system users and user groups can be applied; specific events can be recorded centrally; comprehensive alarm and event management can be realized; and mobile phone streaming can be used to help protect lone workers and far more.

“It can also enable system upgrades, enhancements and expansion with bolt-on software modules for analytics, LPR, synopsis, facial recognition and point of sale.”

What do you feel you are offering that sets you aside from your competitors?

NB: “Analytics based on AI (with Metadata searching) – Digifort has enhanced its Deep Learning (DL) AI video analytics engine to include metadata searching and processing. The analytics is state-of-the art, optimised to run on NVidia Graphics Processing Units GPUs using CUDA processing technology. Analytics can be used to identify object types and colour content in real-time– such as an intruder in a blue jacket shown here with a colour profile.

“In version 7.4, Digifort uses metadata to allow retrospective searches of the recorded video and can look for different objects and events. So, even if the system was configured to identify intruders with blue jackets, operators can apply new search criteria on the recorded video instead, such as identifying vans or bikes. The system only looks for metadata content, which relates to objects detected in the video, retrieving the associated recorded video for review. This means retrospectively processing 30 days of video takes just a few minutes.

“Failover resilience – Digifort builds resilience into mission-critical CCTV systems using server failover design.

“Many larger CCTV systems, especially those deployed in critical and national infrastructure projects, are mission-critical, with an expectation of 24/7 operation. An immediate and appropriate response to component or system failure must be built in, including when that failure is caused deliberately, by malicious attack or even terrorism. It is also the case that larger CCTV systems, with higher quantities of video cameras, power supplies, storage devices, servers and network devices have, by definition, more parts and with that, a greater risk of failure.

“Different levels of server failover design can help provide different levels of cost-effective, resilience and continuity. The impact of failure can be mitigated, data protected, and appropriate site operation maintained.”

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

NB: “We’re looking forward to having a great stand promoting the Digifort brand like never before. We are at a stage in our growth where this exhibition is well timed and the industry can see we are a major player in the worldwide VMS market.

“I’m also looking forward to those cold beers at the end of the day!”

Find Digifort on stand 5/L80.

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