VCA Technology announces ‘major release’ of VCAcore v2.2.0

VCA Technology

VCA Technology is pleased to announce what it is calling the ‘major release’ of VCAserver v2.2.0 and the VCAsdk for both Windows, Ubuntu 18.04 (x86) and Jetson Jetpack 5. It brings a new behaviour detection feature and an object detection classification as well as a host of improvements to the platform.

Features of the new VCA Technology VCAserver version 2.2.0 include:

  • Hands Up Detection: Using the Deep Learning Skeletons Tracker’s detected key points we are now able to detect and alert the Person with their Hands Up.
  • Bus Class added to Deep Learning Object Tracker
  • Traditional Chinese Language support for the UI

For full details please see the release notes found here

Please also see the end of this email for information of OS and CUDA support going forward and a discovered known issue.

Click here for the link to the VCA Technology website where you will find the Downloads page.

Once Logged in, users can simply tap the Downloads button which can be found right at the top of the screen, in the top banner.

On the Download page there are links to the installation files, release notes, utilities and documentation for the various packages, as shown below.

Install instructions can be found within our manual here

If there are any questions please do get in contact with the support team ([email protected]) for assistance.

Operating System and NVIDIA CUDA Support Going Forward

Over the coming 12-18 months we will be dropping support for Ubuntu 18.04 and moving directly to 22.04, as part of this migration we will also be dropping support for CUDA 11 and moving to CUDA 12. These changes affect VCAserver and VCAsdk for Ubuntu and Windows and VCAserver for Jetson Jetpack. Please see below for the OS/CUDA support plan and suggested actions:

Suggested Actions:

For ongoing major releases and support it is advised to have host systems running Ubuntu 22.04 by the time VCAcore v2.3.0 is released in May 2024.

At this time, and not before, a CUDA upgrade from 11 to CUDA 12 will also be required to continue using Deep Learning features in VCAcore v2.3.0, VCA Technology says.

Windows users will only need to upgrade CUDA versions

Please note: The Ubuntu VCAserver and VCAsdk 2.2.x builds are compatible with Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04. The Ubuntu VCAserver and VCAsdk 2.3.x build will only compatible with Ubuntu 22.04

Known Issue

An issue has been discovered relating to Daylights Savings Time and Windows versions of VCAserver and the VCAsdk (v1.6.3 and onwards). This issue can cause the analytics to stop producing events, until the service is restarted. This issue will only present during a time change relating to daylight savings times (March and Oct/Nov). This issue is fixed as part of 2.2.0 and it is advised that all users upgrade to the latest version, VCA Technology adds.

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