Maximise hard drive life and save money with Wavestore’s EcoStore™: Save 80% on video system energy costs

Wavestore EcoStore

In its ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation in the security sector, Wavestore is re-emphasising the importance and benefits of its EcoStore technology. This established hard drive management solution is at the forefront of reducing the environmental impact and operational costs of video surveillance systems worldwide.

EcoStore, a proven technology within Wavestore’s portfolio, offers a remarkable ability to save over 80% on hard drive energy costs, the company claims. This is achieved through its intelligent design, which spins down drives not currently engaged in read or write operations, significantly extending their operational life and providing considerable energy savings.

According to Wavestore, a unique feature of the EcoStore system is its organisation of hard drives into groups, which ensures only the active group is powered on during data writing processes. This efficient management not only conserves energy but is also fully integrated with its HyperRAID technology, ensuring no compromise on data protection and redundancy.

Designed to scale with any project size, EcoStore is compatible with setups ranging from a minimal two-hard-drive configuration to extensive networks utilising Wavestore’s PetaBlok storage solution. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for projects of any scale, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability.

The real-world impact of EcoStore is significant, with energy and cost savings evident even in small-scale applications, the company claims. In larger setups, such as a fully equipped PetaBlok server, the system can reduce energy consumption to as low as 288 watts for spinning drives, translating to over 82% savings. Wavestore says that this reduction in energy usage also leads to decreased cooling requirements and offers the potential for further cost reductions through high-density storage solutions.

Key benefits of the EcoStore technology include:

• Substantial energy savings, with over 80% reduction in energy costs for storage.
• Increased longevity of hard drives by minimizing heat, vibration, and wear & tear.
• Scalable solutions from small setups to systems requiring multiple petabytes of data storage.
• Straightforward integration, requiring no specialized skills or knowledge for operation.
• Full compatibility with a broad range of Wavestore servers, NVRs, and HVRs.

As EcoStore continues to serve as a key component in sustainable video surveillance, Wavestore invites new and existing customers to rediscover its benefits. This technology is a testament to Wavestore’s dedication to eco-friendly innovation and cost-effective security solutions. For more information click here.

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