Dubai to host fourth edition of World Police Summit in May 2025

World Police Summit

The Supreme Committee of the World Police Summit has confirmed the fourth edition of the summit will take place from May 13 to 15 next year, under the theme “Designing the Future of Policing.”

The World Police Summit is to be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and will address critical themes in line with global changes and the fifth industrial revolution.

This announcement was made during a press conference chaired by Major General Dr Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering, Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the World Police Summit, Brigadier Dr Saleh Al Hamrani, Deputy Director of the General Department of Excellence and Pioneering, and Lieutenant Colonel Dr Rashid Hamdan Al Ghafri, Director of the International Centre for Criminal Sciences and Secretary-General of the World Police Summit, along with other committee members, officers, and personnel.

Major General Dr Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly stated that the fourth edition of the World Police Summit marks a qualitative shift in its approach, aligning with global transformations concurrent with the fifth industrial revolution.

“These transformations, directed by His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, have prompted us to enhance our security agenda with strategies and visions that align with these changes,” he said. “Thus, we launched an advanced security system called ‘Policing 5.0’ during the third edition of the summit.

“This system relies on advanced technical enablers and systems to enhance security, provide flexible and innovative smart services to the public, and achieve welfare, stability, and quality of life.”

Al Obaidly emphasised that the core of the World Police Summit lies in bringing together police leaders, law enforcement agencies, and specialised experts from the policing and security sectors with experts from other related fields to discuss, collaborate, and exchange experiences. This aims to integrate efforts and objectives, ultimately leading to safer communities.

He noted that the new system envisions and designs the future of global policing and security work. Through the upcoming summit, they aim to create the future of policing in a technology-supportive environment, identifying necessary technological adoptions for the security sector to achieve strategic goals with sustainable practices that enhance quality of life.

Conceptual Shift

He expressed his delight with the successful development of the World Police Summit since its inception in 2022, attracting police and security agencies from various countries, international police leaders, and exhibitors.

“The summit has kept pace with rapid changes, reaching the fifth industrial revolution, accompanied by transformations in modern and evolving technological concepts such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, robotics, and more,” Al Obaildy said.

Al Obaidly explained that these changes have shifted targets from achieving maximum speed and productivity to more profound, modern, and comprehensive goals advocating for a strong linkage between technological systems, sustainability principles, practices, human-machine interaction, and serving humanity with maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity.

International Cooperation

Brigadier Dr Saleh Al Hamrani highlighted that contemporary policing could not isolate itself from the rapid and complex changes facing other sectors, nor are traditional methods effective in addressing them.

He added, “We believe that international cooperation and the exchange of best practices and expertise is the most effective way to keep pace with these unprecedented changes. Innovation, flexibility, and foresight in security work are the best ways to address challenges, seize opportunities, and develop innovative mechanisms and methods, establishing international collaborative platforms focusing on community safety and security.”

Eight Highlights

Al Hamrani mentioned that this year’s summit includes eight main highlights supporting the summit’s goals. These include a tech exhibition showcasing the latest supportive products, brainstorming sessions where international police leaders discuss urgent policing challenges, and a launchpad offering startups opportunities for accelerated growth in public safety.

Additionally, the event features a display centre for interactive presentations, specialised platforms for police and security officials to discuss current issues, an area for entrepreneurs to network and propel their businesses, summit awards celebrating excellence in policing, and a grand opening and dinner ceremony fostering dialogues and partnerships.

Comprehensive Platform

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Rashid Hamdan Al Ghafri noted that the World Police Summit has shown positive progression in its policing, security, scientific, and technical discussions, aligning with global changes.

“Over three years, the summit has established itself as a comprehensive international scientific platform for leading police chiefs, experts, and law enforcement personnel. It has hosted over 15,000 visitors, 8,000 conference delegates, 200 speakers, more than 100 police chiefs, and 250 exhibiting companies from 44 countries, all coming together on one platform to produce effective outcomes and partnerships enhancing policing and security work in communities,” he confirmed.

Global Challenges

Al Ghafri stated that this year’s summit, under the theme “Designing the Future of Policing,” will bring together experts and specialists from related sectors to discuss key issues, including organised crime, crime reduction, cybercrime, money laundering, electronic fraud, drug trafficking, international cooperation, and best practices, as well as review successful experiences.

He emphasised that science and knowledge are essential in addressing challenges and combating crime anywhere. Thus, the summit also aims to adopt scientific and methodological outcomes in policing and security work across various sectors while strengthening international relations as the sole means to address cross-border crimes in their different forms.

Emerging Challenges

Al Ghafri further highlighted the need for readiness and preparedness to handle emerging challenges based on rapid technological changes, including security safety in the digital age, addressing technological gaps, using multidimensional data, artificial intelligence, automated systems, and more.

“The goal is to chart a comprehensive path for policing that balances innovation and optimal use of technology in achieving prosperity and well-being while considering ethical and social considerations and the misuse of technology,” he explained.

INTERPOL: We believe in the Power of Cooperation to Address Ever-Evolving Challenges

The INTERPOL stated, “The World Police Summit is a great platform for law enforcement agencies to unite and forge stronger bonds of cooperation. At INTERPOL, we believe in the power of collaboration to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of global security. By working together, we can exchange knowledge, innovate, and develop strategies that help us enhance the safety and security of our communities worldwide.”

ROADPOL: World Police Summit is the Hub of Best Practices

President ROADPOL, Elvira Zsinkai, explained that when she first attended the World Police Summit, she was impressed by the professionalism with which the event was organised.

“I was also keen to learn the latest technological developments and listened with interest to the presentations on various security topics,” she said.

She noted that the World Police Summit is the place where professionals from all over the world can meet to learn from the best experts about the latest innovations and best practices; you can hear a brainstorming session that can change your perspective.

“You won’t be disappointed if you visit WPS. You will get the best quality from the best experts and the greatest hosts,” Zsinkai urged fellow security experts and enthusiasts.

Proud Partnership

Richard Budden, Esri’s deputy general manager for the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia region, confirmed the GIS giant partnership with the World Police Summit 2025.

“The Summit has been a valuable platform that brings law enforcement agencies from many countries together to learn about technology trends and share knowledge and best practices. We are very proud of our partnership, and we are looking forward to being actively engaged in the next edition, so see you in May in the UAE,” he said.

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