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At VCA we provide intelligent data so that our partners can make a proactive response or make business decisions based on the information or alerts provided by our world class analytics. We extract the metadata from the video source to provide insights and notifications of what is really happening in the scene

UK based VCA has been one of the pioneers in the use of Video Analytics and since our formation in 2009 we set out with a simple, three-point plan: Make it easy to use, make it cost effective and make it work!

With over 1,000,000 channels installed globally and some of the World’s leading providers in the security, retail, banking and transportation markets as partners, we believe this simple three-point strategy has been vindicated and we continue to work to these guidelines in everything we do

The great “AI” revolution.
There is no doubt that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms has completed changed the analytics landscape. Unfortunately, as we saw with the initial analytics introduction 12 years ago there are many new providers offering AI based analytics with scant consideration to real life applications, how the product will be used, the cost of ownership and ease of use. VCA have developed and introduced its second generation of analytics, using Deep Learning to enhance our product offering, building upon the 12 years of knowledge and experience to deliver products that work, are easy to use and a low cost of ownership, considering the hardware and installation costs in the development process.

We work together, we grow together.
This is our Company strap line and how we like to work. We partner with some of the World’s leading technology providers to enhance our developments. We call our “customers” partners because it’s not just about buying and selling, it’s about building long term relationships and trust. Our ability to provide bespoke solutions and unrivalled pre and post sales support create an environment where our partners can grow by providing world class solutions to their markets.

Come and join us, discover what video content analytics can really do for your business and partner with probably the World’s leading and most established provider. Even the industry is named after us, VCA.


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Life on the Edge

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