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Network Optix (Nx) is a software development company focused on one thing: enabling the rapid development of infinitely scalable, AI-enabled, white labeled, full-stack (Desktop, Mobile, Server, and Cloud) network video products capable of ingesting, analyzing, archiving, searching, and reviewing video from IP cameras, USB webcams, and RTSP / HTTP / UDP streams.

Network Optix products – which include Nx Witness VMS, the Works with Nx integration marketplace, and Nx Meta video development platform – help innovative organizations rapidly build world-class, customer-tailored, enterprise scale Powered by Nx IP video surveillance solutions that can run on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud with a full set of development tools (REST API, SDKs) that enable integration to any existing hardware or software solution. Network Optix software is built to be cross platform and run on the latest cutting edge hardware and software platforms – including Windows, Ubuntu Linux, MacOS, Docker, VMware, NVIDIA Jetson, Tegra, Tesla, and more!

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Mx Meta VPaaS

Nx Meta is a cross-platform enterprise video platform with everything you need to build a custom branded world-class Video Software as Service (VSaaS) product.

Nx Witness VMS

The simplest, most reliable, easiest-to-use, enterprise video management software on the planet. Install in minutes. Integrate with anything.

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Network Optix

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