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Cypress Integration Solutions is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of physical access control integration solutions that save time, labor, and money, solve installation challenges, and advance adoption of SIA’s OSDP protocol.

Built in the USA with nearly 40 years of expertise, the Cypress lineup of reliable and innovative solutions includes data converters, keyboard data wedges, Suprex® Reader-Extenders, wireless handheld readers, OSDP tools and retrofit products, and custom solutions trusted within the security industry and beyond. Learn more at CypressIntegration.com.

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Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader (HHR-4000 Series)

The Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader (HHR) remotely verifies credentials while linked to an existing live database.

Cypress Suprex® Fiber Optic Reader-Extender, multi-mode (SPX-7400)

The Suprex® Fiber Optic Reader-Extender.

Cypress Wireless Suprex® Reader-Extender (SPX-5631)

The Cypress Wireless Suprex® Reader-Extender wirelessly connects credentials readers and control panels.

Cypress Suprex® Reader-Extender (SPX-1300 for single reader over RS-485, twisted-pair)

Install readers at sites away from the controller using a Cypress SPX-1300 Suprex Reader-Extender.

Cypress Multi-Format Data Converter (CVX-1300)

Cypress Data Converters to make new devices compatible with current hardware.

Cypress OSDP-Wiegand Converter

The Cypress OSDP-Wiegand Converter (OSM-1000) is used to upgrade Wiegand panels or readers to SIA’s OSDP standard.

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Cypress Integration Solutions

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